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Following the Government's recent announcement that they have lifted restrictions on the UK property market, we are now in a position to let you know the steps that we are taking in protecting our staff and our clients.

Moving forward it is our collective responsibility to protect ourselves and others and to adhere to government guidelines. Sellers/Occupiers/Applicants/Viewers are required to ensure that they protect themselves during meetings and adhere to government guidelines.

Our Office

  • Our office will be closed to the public until further notice and visits can only be made on a strict appointment only basis. Before the arranged meeting, you must confirm that you (or anyone in your household) has not had any COVID related symptoms within the last 14 days.
  • Our staff will be working at least 2m apart and will be using PPE when meeting clients.
  • Hand Sanitiser will be provided and ask that you use on entry and exit of our office.
  • The Office will be professionally cleaned and sanitised on a regular basis and sanitised in- between client visits.

Valuation of your property

We are once again carrying out physical valuations of properties. To help us protect both our staff and our clients, we are adhering to government guidelines – please see below

  • On the booking of the valuation, we will ask if you or any of your household have been isolating/shielding or have shown any symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
  • When we visit your property, we will be wearing protective equipment (gloves/mask) and will social distance to at least 2 meters.
  • The property visit is to establish your properties’ value. We will endeavour not to touch any door handles, work tops or light switches so if there are particular areas which we will need access too, we ask that they are made accessible prior to our visit.
  • Any discussions which need to follow our inspection, we ask that these are carried out in the garden, or a follow up phone/video call.
  • We recommend that following our visit, that all door handles/light switches are wiped down with sanitiser wipes.
  • Our staff will be using new PPE on every visit and will be ensuring that we are cleaning and sanitising any equipment brought into your home.

Property Viewings

  • Prior to booking a physical viewing, the applicant will confirm that they have seen virtual walk through, or video tour, if available.
  • Prior to any physical viewing, both parties will be asked if they, or anyone in their household have been isolating or have shown any symptoms of COVID-19
  • Prior to viewing, the vendor/occupier will ensure that all doors are open and lights are switched on if needed, and all door handles have been wiped down.
  • We insist that the viewer will provide and wear their own PPE (mask) during the viewing.
  • When viewing a property, all parties must ensure that they wash their hands regularly and avoid touching any surfaces within the property at the time of viewing.
  • All parties will adhere to at least a 2 meter distancing during the viewing.
  • Once the viewing has taken place, the vendor/occupier will wipe down all surfaces

If a member of staff will be escorting the applicant at the property:

  • The vendor/occupier will vacate the property (if applicable)
  • We will be wearing new appropriate PPE for the duration of the viewing.
  • The applicant will provide and wear appropriate PPE.
  • Social distance for the duration of the viewing at least 2 meters.
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